Hey hey! Here is a short excerpt and some teasers from Chapter 9. Dylan and Nic have such a teasing rapport...It's like they are trying to make up for what they lost between 18 and 24. :)

With a low, shallow breath, she looked back at him. “I know, but the man looked so much like him,” she replied. “Well, with lighter hair and wearing sunglasses.”

“It was probably just someone else who looks similar,” Dylan said, caressing her trembling hand. “People say I look a lot like Tom Welling.”

Nicoletta giggled and the terror spell was broken. “Dylan, you’re no Superman.”

“The lady thinks she’s funny,” he replied with a smirk. “But looks aren’t everything.”

Nicoletta replied by sticking her tongue out and telling him he was number one with a gesture of her hand. Dylan laughed and returned the gesture with both hands.

“You’re number eleven since you have two holes,” he whispered across the table. He looked away from her and started to drink his coffee.

“Yeah, but I only like to have one filled,” she replied. “And it’s not the one you are thinking.”

Coffee spewed from Dylan’s mouth as he choked. While he sat there, sputtering, Nicoletta couldn’t help but laugh at her friend. Shocking him had always been one of her favorite past times.

After a moment, Dylan was able to breathe normal and stared at her serious expression. She either has one hell of a poker face, or…

What’s Wrong Dylan?” she asked in a sweet innocent voice. “Been drinking long?”

His head fell back against the seat. “What has my mother gotten me into?”

“Not any of my holes,” Nic said smiling. Dylan’s head snapped up and his eyes slowly closed. His head dropped back to his chest. Nicoletta then mouthed the word… ‘yet’.


Here is the excerpt from Chapter 8. It is a dream sequence that happens at the beginning. Meet Dylan and Nicoletta on the night she turns him down!

Tonight had to be the night. Senior year was almost done. If he didn’t ask then the chance would slip by. Looking to the left, he took in the vision of perfection sitting there.

His partner in crime during childhood had blossomed into a beauty queen. Nic, no, Nicoletta was an absolute vison. Her long dark curly hair was held back with glistening combs that contrasted nicely. Her bright green eyes shone like beacons in the night. Perfect lips were pursed and glistening. Dangling from her ears, were a pair of earrings he had given her for her last birthday.

Her silver dress clung to her body like a glittery second skin. The neckline, if you could call it that, exposed the top part of her breasts. Seeing them caused a familiar swelling. Why hadn’t he driven? He could have pretended to break down. Hell, she probably knew he would try that and that’s why she insisted on driving. A laugh escaped his lips at the thought and Nic glanced over at him.

“Sorry, a funny thought ran through my head.”

“Thinking you’re getting me out of this dress I take it?” She knew her best friend better than anyone in the world.

“Damn Nic. I never…”

“Right, you will never get me out of my clothes.”

Dylan laughed at the exchange. Looking closely at her face, he saw a slight smile which caused a smile of his own. He had to do it now. He had to ask her now. His brain was screaming at him to do it. “Nicoletta how would you like to skip the dance and go to the lake house with me?”

“The lake house? Would I rather go to the lake house?” she asked with a hand over her breasts. “I don’t think so.”

“Why not, we could have a lot more fun there,” he replied, confusion evident in his expression. “We could do what we talked about the other day. You know, I could give you a ton of pleasure with just my mouth. We don’t have to go any further yet.”

His face dropped when she burst out laughing and pulled off to the side of the road. Turning to look at him, she had a sly grin on her face. She put her right hand on his shoulder, giving him a slight pat. “From what I hear, you aren’t any good at that. Both Jenni and Tracey said you really don’t have any idea what you’re doing.”

“They didn’t! You’re…you’re lying… you have to be,” he sputtered. “They both told me they loved what I did.”

“Dylan, I’m your friend so I’m telling you this for your own good,” she stated seriously. “They didn’t want to hurt your fragile girly feelings.”

“Fuck you Nic!”

“Not tonight. Not ever,” she snarled. “If you only asked me to go to the prom to get in my pants then you were never really my friend.” The thought that it may just be the case made her heart ache.

“No, no, I didn’t ask for that reason,” he said, raising his hands defensively. “I swear on my brother’s grave.”

Her expression softened at his response and a smile slowly formed on her face. “They why did you?” she asked hesitantly.

“You always said how badly you wanted to go to your Senior Prom,” he said, looking down at his hands. “What type of friend would I be if you didn’t get to go?”

“So, you asked me out of pity?” she asked annoyed. “Afraid no one else would?”

“No, I wanted to go with you,” he replied angrily. “It’s the last school activity we will both have together and I wanted to go with my best friend.”

“Then we should go,” she said, pulling the car back onto the road. “Let’s go have fun. Okay?”

“Deal. Hell Nic doing things with you has always been fun,” he laughed. “It’s gotten us in plenty of trouble, but it’s always been fun.” Would he ever get her to change her mind? Some other day maybe?

“Tell you what, if I have enough fun, I promise to show you my breasts before I drop you off.”

Dylan was so caught by surprise that he didn’t even notice as they pulled into the parking lot.
Still in shock, he sat as she opened her door and stepped out. “Dylan! We’re here.”

There is a project coming up that I am so very excited about - It has and will continue to change my life. It is a baby boomer romance (lovebirds are in their 60's) and it will be sweet, hot, funny and tragic. Here are a couple of teasers for you to enjoy. We will be having a cover reveal on April 3rd so stay tuned!!!



Title: A Shit Storm

Series: Six Silver Strings E String Set

Author: Lisa Gillis

Editor: Pedantic Punctuator

Page Count: 328 pages

Genre: New Adult - Rock Romance

Published: March 13, 2015

A Shit Storm Cover

Goodreads A Shit Storm

A Shit Storm Buylink A Shit Storm Buylink A Shit Storm Buylink A Shit Storm teaser 1 A Shit Storm Buylink A Shit Storm Buylink

Tristan Loren is the first to admit he’s lived a privileged life.

However, the top schools, the best games and phones and cars, the finest of whatever his heart desired has come with strangers yelling for his attention and camera flashes in his face.
His classmates have visions of college life in the fall following senior year, while his fantasy is a normal existence. Whatever normalcy is, he’s sure it’s not graduating with honors--and his virginity.

Aside from having a paranoid mom who has made it her mission to see that he’s never alone with a girl, he wants his first time to be with someone who doesn’t know him as Jack Storm-of-the-multi-platinum-Jackal Junior.

Chasing the vision of a woman and a world who doesn’t know of him takes him from the sunshiny suburbs of Dallas to the snowy streets of Detroit.

When he sees Sash in person, the girl he’s texted, phoned, and Skyped for the better part of a year, he’s drawn to her secret smile, and the tattooed half sleeves decorating her arms. Her fiery, fun personality and musical skills make her seem the soul mate he’s been seeking.
But Sash has her own secrets—secrets that make him wish he’d never met her. Falling for Sash and finding his own identity may cost him more than what’s in his wallet.

A Shit Storm can stand alone but for fans of Six Silver Strings Series, this novel includes scenes with characters from G-Strings and D-Strings with several appearances of Jack and Marissa Storm.

A Shit Storm teaser 1 A Shit Storm teaser 1

sexy and spoiled

Rock Star Reads

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Lisa Gillis lives in Texas among family and loves it all, from the beaches deserts to the sprawling metropolises. Her loyal, loving musician husband inspires her fictional men, and her beautiful-hearted son brings the light to her world.
Writing is her passion, and she strives to blend the perfect mixture of fantasy and reality into her books. While listening to music, the little voices in her head become the fascinating characters in her novels, and each series, including Silver Strings, is infused with her love of music, bands and concerts.
When she’s not writing or making her own music on her guitar or drums, she’s catering to her spoiled, hyper and lovable chocolate lab, Bailey.

A Shit Storm teaser 1 A Shit Storm teaser 1 A Shit Storm teaser 1

Good luck and happy winning!

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Graphics courtesy of Author Lisa Gillis.



“Good afternoon Mr. Harper,” Nicoletta said in her most professional voice as she walked into Dylan’s room. “How are you today?”

“I’m fine, and don’t call me Mr. Harper,” Dylan replied with a frown. “That’s what you called my dad.”

“Well as you know, I’m now your nurse, so our relationship is professional, Mr. Harper.”

“Well then Mrs. Krueger, what if I insist you call me by my nickname?”

“What would that be, Mr. Harper? And for your information, I go by Ballas again."

“Sexy Love God Dylan is the name,” he said, straight faced.

Nicoletta clasped her hand over her mouth. She laughed so hard she was afraid she would disturb the patients. When she could breathe normally again, she steadied herself. “Tell you what, I’ll call you Dylan and you call me…”

“Sexy Nurse?”

“Nic or Nicoletta,” she laughed.

“Yes ma’am,” he agreed reluctantly. “So how do you feel about spending all that alone time with me at the lake house?”

“Well, since I won’t be, I guess I don’t feel anything,” Nicoletta replied. “We’ll be staying at your mom’s. The lake house isn’t habitable again yet.”

“The hell we will,” he snarled. “We can stay at my downtown apartment.”

“You have a downtown apartment?” she asked with a raised eyebrow. “Some decadent den of lust?”

“No, not exactly…I kept it so I would have a place to stay if I partied too late or had early appointments,” he smiled. “I can be responsible sometimes.”

“Unlike on the day you crashed your car and almost killed yourself.”

Dylan pretended to ignore her. “Hey, I gave my niece my dog to help with her issues,” he said defensively. “Mom says the dog has helped a lot.”

“That doesn’t excuse your drinking and driving like an idiot.”

“No it doesn’t,” he said, dropping into a chair. “That was…” he paused.

“Was what?” Nicoletta asked.

“Never mind. It’s my problem,” he mumbled. “What the hell happened at my lake cabin? My wonderful mother was very evasive.”

“Oh boy, I was hoping she would have told you,” Nicoletta said as she sat on the edge of the bed. “Get comfortable, this may take a while.”


“I’m sorry,” she murmured, breaking the tension. 

“What? Are you wishing we’d found a room with two beds?” he asked. “Or do you regret what you did?”

“It was with you. How could I ever regret it?” she said rolling onto her side and propping herself up on her elbow.

A smile appeared on Dylan’s face making Nicoletta laugh. She remembered that look…that smile. It meant that her friend’s head was swelling. “Oh don’t get a big head. Just because I complimented you, in a way, doesn’t mean you are now a sex God or something."

Dylan chuckled and stared at the ceiling, wondering where his life was headed now. All he knew was that it was somehow forever changed. After a couple of minutes, he turned back to Nicoletta. “What are you sorry about?”

“That I bounced the bed so hard. I don’t want to hurt you more.”

Dylan reached out and moved her still damp hair off of her forehead. “You know, if you injured me more, you would get to stay with me longer,” he joked. “That could have its advantages.”

“Or,” she said, reaching over to touch his arm. “It could mean that we would fight, bicker, and end up hating each other. Or maybe even killing each other.”

“You were always the sensible one,” Dylan snickered. “You brat.”

“The dream I had earlier just reminded me that I have a lot of thinking to do. I need to decide how I’m going to live my life from here on out. I was in limbo on the cruise ship, but now it's time to start living again and I have to figure out which way is best for me.”

“I can understand that. You’ve been to hell and back over the last three years. You need to get your head on straight. That takes time.”

If he only knew the truth. She was pretty sure he had seen her scar earlier. Hopefully he wouldn’t ask about that because she would be forced to lie or tell him the truth and she wasn’t ready to do either of those things. Her heart was beating so fast in her chest. “Dylan?”

“Yeah Nic?”

“Can I have…can you hold me?”

“You never have to ask,” he murmured as he reached out and pulled her close. She was shivering and he didn’t know why. Her body felt warm so she wasn’t the least bit cold. It must have been an after effect of her nightmare.

“Goodnight Nic.”

“Goodnight Dylan.”


Here is an excerpt from Chapter 5 - I hope you enjoy getting to know Dylan and Nicoletta better! 

Dylan had been planning to sleep after his mother left, but now how could he? All he could think of was having Nicoletta as his nurse; having her around twenty-four hours a day, five or more days a week. There was no way he could handle that. They would probably end up killing each other. He didn’t want to admit how much it would hurt to have the only woman he’d ever truly wanted so close, yet so unattainable.

“Knock, knock,” Holly said as she came into the room to check on him. “It’s medicine time.”

“Can I not take the pain meds today? I want to see if I can handle it. That shit makes me way too groggy.” He didn’t mention that if he was in pain, his mood would stay bad and when his mom came back the next day to harass him, he would be ready to take her on.

“Yeah, the doctor said it’s as needed now so you don’t have to take it if you don’t want. But you still have to take the antibiotics. We don’t want an infection setting in.”

“Thank you,” he murmured, staring off into space.

“What’s up?” Holly asked as she took his blood pressure. “Your mom didn’t seem too happy when she stormed out of here.”

Dylan sighed and focused on the nurse. “She has a warped idea of who she should hire to take care of me when I leave here. She’s acting insane as usual.”

Holly chuckled and took the blood pressure cuff off of him. “Your mother seems perfectly sane to me. Does she want to hire the pretty young woman who comes to visit on Tuesdays?”

“Yeah,” Dylan lamented. “How did you know?”

“Nicoletta and I have talked a few times. I know she’s a nurse and I know she isn’t working right now. It just makes sense.”

“Yeah,” Dylan said softly. “Hey, you wouldn’t happen to want a new job would you? You could be my nurse.”

“Whoa,” Holly grinned. “I love my job here.”

“Yeah, I figured,” he said, disappointed.

After Holly removed the thermometer from his mouth, she put her hand on his arm so he would look at her. “I don’t understand you. With the kind of guy you are, I would think you’d be begging that gorgeous young thing to be your nurse.”

Dylan shrugged. “We have a history. We’d probably end up hating each other.”

Holly looked at him like he’d lost his mind. “Personally, I think you still love her but are afraid that she'll reject you again.”

Dylan’s head snapped up. “She…she never rejected me!” he insisted.

“Uh huh,” Holly murmured. “I’ve been around the block a few times Mr. Harper. I’ve seen it before. You loved her, she loved you, and for some reason she shot you down. Then years later you meet up again. It wasn’t that hard to figure out.”

Dylan looked away, pouting. “She told you.”

Holly laughed. “Everything but why she told you the dreaded no word.”

“Yeah. That was completely my fault.”

“Then fix it, Dylan. This is your chance to re-write the past. Make her yours finally. It’s not too late.”

Dylan just shrugged and stared out the window at the trees blowing in the wind.

“Alright, I’m going to leave you alone now,” Holly said. “But don’t forget you have x-rays later to make sure your breaks are healing properly. You should be able to get a walking cast a few days after you get home.”

Dylan just nodded, still lost in thought, as she left the room.

His mind was warring with his heart and he had no clue what to do. By the time the medicine cart rolled into the room, he had decided that it wasn’t worth the risk. He was going to fight his mother on this matter to the very end. Nicoletta would not…no, she could not, be his nurse.


The Chapter 4 excerpt is in honor of sisters. Nicoletta's sister is her best friend and they have a great chemistry together. Enjoy!!!

Nicoletta entered her parents' house and it was thankfully, blissfully quiet. Her dad was probably at the hospital and she had just dropped her mother off at the restaurant. She had no clue where her sister was. Now she could sink into a hot, bubbly tub and think about what she had done to Dylan that day. She still didn’t know quite how she felt about it.

Slipping out of her clothes, she quickly peeked at herself in the mirror before sliding into the filling tub. It was a relief that she looked the same because for some reason, she felt different after the episode at the hospital. With a sigh and a quick shake of her head, she eased down until the water came up over her breasts, her head resting against the edge of the tub.

For some reason, every time she thought about taking Dylan in hand, she could feel her face growing hot. It had seemed like the thing to do at the time, but now it…embarrassed her. She didn’t embarrass easily, but this time…who knew? Maybe she just felt ashamed for taking advantage of her friend and for lying to his mother.

There was a brief knock on the connecting door and then it opened. Alexandra’s head poked in and she smiled. “What’s wrong, sister? You look like you just shot your best friend.”

A bubble of laughter abruptly escaped through Nicoletta’s lips. “More like he shot himself.” By the time she had stopped laughing, Alexandra was once again sitting on the closed commode demanding to know what the hell was going on.

“Well, I kind of…sort of…”

“Just spill it already!” Alexandra demanded.

“I jerked Dylan off in his sleep and his mother came in just in time to see the explosive aftermath,” she mumbled quickly.

“You did what! Oh Nic…Why? What the hell were you thinking, molesting that poor boy?”

Nic could tell her sister was trying to hold back her own laughter. “Well, I walked in and he was moaning my name. And he was…well you know, erect. I just really couldn’t stop myself. It was like a teenage dream come true. Besides, it’s not my fault he came enough for three men… and his mother happened to walk in right then.”

Now it was Alexandra’s turn to laugh uncontrollably while Nic waited patiently for her to calm down. Wiping her eyes, Alex looked at her sister. “I can’t believe you did that. What was it like, I mean does he live up to the rumor?”

“I don’t know about any rumor, sis. But it’s nice I guess.”

“Nice?” Alexandra smirked. “Puppies and kitties are nice, Nic. Was he below average, average, above average, or scream and run the hell out of the room if he gets it too close to your girly parts?”

“I…I don’t feel right talking about this with you,” Nicoletta said, looking down into the suds filled tub. Dylan was just…Dylan. Everything about him was firm, sculpted and perfect. She’d never really thought of him any other way.

“Oh my God, you’re nuts. You practically jerk a guy off in front of his mother and you won’t tell me how big his package is.”

“Fine,” Nic sighed. "It was perfect. Exactly what I would want in a guy.”

Alexandra let out a frustrated growl. “You are infuriating. Maybe I’ll have to finally find out what it’s like for myself. After all, you don’t seem to want to do anything but tease him.”

“You wouldn’t?” Nic snarled.

Alexandra stood up and walked over to the mirror. “No, I probably wouldn’t. You just made me go crazy for a second there.”

“Well, I’m glad you’re sane now. Could you please leave so I can have some alone time?

“Sure,” Alexandra said with a sly grin. “Would you like me to go get you your special friend?"

“Get out Alex!” Nic yelled, throwing a bath sponge at her.
Alexandra ducked out the door, laughing the whole way.



Beverly Preston writes the perfect romance hero: sexy-as-hell good guys, the kind you want to screw your brains out and put a ring on your finger.  

Meet the men of The Mathews Family in this sexy, romantic box set!  


mathews family box set.jpg

Beverly Preston writes the perfect romance hero: sexy-as-hell good guys, the kind you want to screw your brains out and put a ring on your finger.”
Sinfully sexy, emotionally rich contemporary romance series! Stunning love stories set in exotic destinations such as Bora Bora, Greece, Italy and more. Laugh, cry and fall in love with The Mathews Family one Happily Ever After at a time: with a Hollywood A-list actor, a sexy contractor, an Italian winemaker, and a dream-come-true architect.



Seconds after hearing the click of the front door shutting, his mouth was at her ear. His fingers slipped beneath the straps on her shoulder, lifting the dress above her head and tossing it on the end of the bed.
Spikes of sensual energy gathered between them. Reed nuzzled the rasp of his stubble into the sensitive spot on her neck and her skin came to life beneath his firm yet gentle touch. Tremors chased down her spine and desire ached between her thighs. Never in her life had JC been so completely in tune with the bodily forces filling her physically and emotionally.
A slight giggle dissolved into a soft gasp as one arm crossed beneath her breast, pulling her closer. Gooseflesh covered her body as his lips traversed the slope of her neck and shoulder, revisiting receptive areas he’d pursued the night before.
“I don’t understand,” she murmured. Reed pressed the shape of him, rearing and stiff, against the small of her back. Her head listed back against his chest, followed a soft ambiguous cry of need. “How do you do that to me?”
He turned her to face him, cupping the tender curve of her breast. “Darlin’, in few minutes, you’re not gonna give a damn.”
Heat spread everywhere, engulfing her senses in flames of desire. Draping her wrists over his shoulder, she raised on her tippy-toes, searching for his lips. Reed resisted her fervent urges, pulling back, not allowing her the passionate kiss she yearned for. He stared into her eyes, capturing her spirit with his ice blue eyes. Zings of pleasure chased though her and JC feared she might melt before they even started.
Unspoken words drifted between them.
Reed’s unconditional acceptance disarmed her. He accepted her commitment phobias, occasional neurotic tendencies, her fears of love, her mishaps in life and bad judgments. He understood her implicitly and appreciated her exactly as she was.
Her heart pounded. Excitement and nervousness mingled through her emotions. Her eyes drifted shut as she leaned into his chest and his hands played over her slowly, tortuously igniting a new passion within. She quivered and stumbled, falling onto the chaise behind her.
He started toward her hungrily, but she shook her head.
“No?” he asked with a questioning grin.
“No.” She shook her head again. “This isn’t exactly how I pictured this. You make me too damn nervous.” She pointed toward the bathroom. “Can you please give me two minutes?”
He bent, securing her to the hide with his thigh between her legs, possessing her mouth with long, intimate licks of his tongue. “I’ll give you three,” he assured, releasing her from his kiss and sauntering into the bathroom.
JC leapt to her feet, pacing in circles in nothing more than her white cheeky panties. “What the hell is wrong with me?” Stopping midstride, she shook out her trembling limbs. “You can do this! Pull yourself together.”
She took a few deep breaths, trying to ward off the tension looming close the surface of her thoughts. Her limbs felt weighted and encumbering, restricting her body from its natural rhythmic flow of sensual language. He’s just a man. I’ve kissed dozens of men! You’ve already had sex with him. Don’t be chicken!
She bent over, tousling her hair through her fingers and flipped her head back, letting the long caramel layers cascade down her back in sexy loose pieces.
JC plopped onto the chaise, strumming her fingers on the hide. Yeah, but damn what a man!  
Nestling back into the hide, she draped her hands above her head. Unable to find the right position, she fidgeted awkwardly. “This is not comfortable,” she grumbled. “Oh, my God. What is wrong with me?”
Irritated by her own anxiety and gracelessness, she flopped to the opposite end of the chaise. Her long legs and feet dangled over the arched back and her head hung over the foot of the lounge.
Sunbeams pushing through the glass door swept across her body. Her eyes drifted shut and she drew in a deep, full breath of air and then another. The scent of his skin lingered with the warmth of the sun, caressing her senses and calming her nerves.
She startled when Reed gently placed his hand on the outside of her thigh. His naked hip brushed against her skin when he sat beside her. Her eyes remained closed as the coolness from his hand slid along her waist to her breast, resting on top of her heart.
“I know…” she panted breathily. JC placed her hand over his. “Just feel you in here.”
“That’s right, darlin’”
“I don’t know why you make me so nervous.”
“Just relax.”
Feeling his avid stare burning through closed lids and the weight of his hand dip to her breast, she slipped her tongue across her lips sensually.
“You make me nervous too,”—his breath fractured—“JC.”
Her eyes opened when he called her by name.
“We’ll figure it out together.”
Feelings of passion and adoration flourished, stringing tightly around her heart. She nodded.
“Goddess,” he hummed, wiggling his brow. The back of his hand traced lazily over her jaw and earlobe. He leaned closer, nearly kissing her before halting. “You’re beautiful. Inside and out.”


Author Information


#1 Bestselling Author, Beverly Preston has been a stay at home mom for 21 years, although she prefers the title Domestic Engineer. Along the way, Beverly worked side by side with her husband Don, the love of her life, designing, building and selling custom homes. As her children begin to venture out on their own, she’s left to shed a tear—for a minute—wonder what’s next in life, and embrace the feeling of empowerment that surely must’ve been wrapped in a present she received on her fortieth birthday.

If Beverly isn’t at home riding her spin bike, you’ll find her spinning richly emotional and sinfully sexy romance stories.

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