Book: Lost Dreams
Author: Jude Ouvrard
Genre: Military Contemporary Romance
When Carter is killed in combat, he leaves behind his heartbroken wife, Avery and his shattered best friend Remy. Naturally these two, wounded souls gravitate together, irresistibly drawn by the loss of the one they both loved, as well as their deep friendship with each other. But when that friendship starts to turn into something more, new problems arise. Will Avery be able to move on after losing the love of her life? Will Remy be able to fill the void left by the loss of his best friend? Or will this new chance at love cost them all they have left?
Jude lives in Montreal, Canada. She is the proud mother of a five year old son, and has spent the last twelve years with her partner, Cedric. French is her native language, but she prefers to write in her second language, English. Besides working full time in a law firm and being a mother, Jude has a passion for books, both reading and writing them. She is currently working on Ophelia.
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She got into her seat and drove us to I-didn’t-know-where-yet. The music was playing softly in the car. I was having difficulty with noises, they were making me irritable but the melody was nice so I was okay. We were getting closer to Avery's house. At least I hoped we were going to her house, because I was frightened to be alone. I needed her, in more than one way. When she turned to the right, I knew we were going to her place because my house was over on the left. I bit the inside of my cheeks to subdue a smile. A few seconds later, Avery parked the car in her driveway. She undid my safety belt, then hers. She got out of the car to help me out, then grabbed my bag and arm-in-arm we walked to her door. ''Calm down, girl. I'm not dying, I'm okay. I can feel your body trembling.'' ''I can't calm down, Remy.'' She unlocked the door and pushed it open. ''I lost Carter, okay? He's gone,'' she cried. ''And I came this close,'' she showed me a tiny gap between her fingers, ''this close, to losing you too, and that tore me apart.'' She put my bag on the table. ''When Megan told me what happened, I passed out, because I couldn’t believe I was going to have to go through this again. We waited twenty-four hours before we finally got the news that you were alive.'' I felt terrible. ''I'm sorry, girl, I'm so sorry.'' I pulled her towards me and wrapped my arm around her. She cried and she sobbed against my t-shirt. Ave was in a terrible mess. ''I promised you I would come back, and I did.'' I kissed her hair. ''I’m so sorry I had to come back in such a dramatic way.'' ''You're alive, Remy.'' She almost never called me by my first name. ''It's all that matters.'' ''I know, Avery.'' We were silent for a moment, her sobs calming down and she regained control of herself. It broke my heart to see her like this, she'd seemed so strong at the hospital and I was just realizing it was a facade. In that instant, I knew we both needed rest and we both had a lot on our minds. ''I think I need to lay down, Ave, I'm getting a little dizzy. I'll go to my room.'' She squeezed me with all of her strength, one last time, before releasing me. I got to the guest room. There was a bouquet of daisies on the night table. She'd changed the sheets and comforter on the bed for a navy blue one. I made it to the bed just in time, my vision had gone blurry. I sat on the corner of the bed and closed my eyes. The fact that she wanted me to stay here was great, but damn, this was fucked up. She still continued to ignore everything I'd said to her. It made me anxious and the best thing I could do was lie down and chill out. Being around her was even harder now. I put my arm over my eyes, to hide away from the light in the room. Turning it off required too much physical effort for now. ''Remy, are you okay?'' Her voice was low. ''Can you turn the light off, please?'' She did and then removed my shoes. I shifted up on the bed and she placed my legs under the comforter. ''Do you feel any pain?'' ''It's not too bad, I can manage.'' My head hurt constantly, no matter what I did. In my shoulder, the bullet had torn a muscle and damaged the bone severely. They had to screw the bone together in three different places. It would never be as strong as it used to be, but at least I was alive. ''Okay...'' She stayed in the room looking at me. It had me confused, did she want to talk or something? ''Is everything OK, Ave?'' I needed to know. She nodded. ''It's just good to have you here. I missed you.'' Okay, she was giving signs she wanted to talk, but I thought maybe she wasn’t ready just yet. ''I missed you too, girl.'' I smiled. She returned my smile with one of her own, she seemed suddenly shy and her cheeks flushed. ''I thought about what you said to me a lot. It scared me at first but then, I felt like I already knew about it. Things cleared up in my mind. How you were always looking after me, always making sure I was okay. I should have known, but I only had eyes for Carter. I still love and miss him every single day.'' She took a deep breath and rubbed her eyes. ''But... I felt things were different prior to your deployment and I understand now. I didn’t hate it, I liked it. Being closer to you makes me feel better. I need it, but I can't promise you more than that.'' ''What are you saying, exactly, Avery?'' I could feel a wave of tingles rush through my body. What did she mean? It was so out of character for her to be so shy. ''I’m saying I still love Carter, I probably always will, but I also like you and need to be around you. I can't promise you anything, but we could try and see if it would work out.'' ''I’m not a consolation prize, Avery.''
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Author Lisa Bilbrey is proud to present the cover for the exciting second novel in the Angel's Heart Series, available June 1st!


Sophie Crenshaw has saved the world by preventing the Angel's Heart from falling into the hands of Whitley Monroe. Now, she and her fiancé Henry Chang have returned to Austin, Texas, and back to the real world. Or have they?

Having been declared the savior of all mankind, Sophie finds that magic is all around her. As she struggles to find her way, she's bombarded by nightly dreams that have her on edge. Will she be able to keep her sanity while trying to decipher the meaning behind her visions? Or will an unknown enemy get to her first?

Except from Angel's Heart: The True Enemy:

Once she was within arm’s reach, Eleanor grabbed Sophie by the shoulders, dragging her to the ground with her. “He’s everywhere.”
“Who is everywhere?” she asked. “Where did you go? You just left the island. Are you okay?”
“The dark tide rises,” she cooed. “Stars tell the tale from the man in the moon. Heed their warning or suffer a fate worse than death.”
“What are you talking about? Who’s the man in the moon? What warnings am I supposed to heed?”
“Ah!” Eleanor screamed, releasing her hold on Sophie and grabbing her matted, grease covered hair. Pulling and twisting on the black locks, she drew the attention of more than a dozen blinds, who had stopped and were staring at the two women like they were dancing naked in the moonlight. “Salamanders breathe fire. Poor little crickets never stood a chance. Now they live in the belly of the beast.” Eleanor laughed, releasing her hair. Hooking her thumbs together, she spread her fingers and pretended they were a pair of wings. “Pretty little butterfly, lost and alone; wings made of silver and gold. Flutter to the heavens, little butterfly. Fly far, far away.  Don’t come back for another day!”
“Someone, call the police,” a man standing behind her complained. “The bitch is as high as a kite. I’m so tired of these fucking homeless assholes coming out every time they need a fix, expecting us to feel sorry for them and give them money. They make the whole area look worthless.”
“No shit,” his friend said, smirking. “They should lock them away and throw away the key, lazy-ass, sons of bitches.”
Eleanor snapped her head up, glaring right at him. Tall and chubby, the man took a step backward as she stood up. Sophie could feel her grandmother trembling, but before Sophie could do anything to calm her down, Eleanor brought her hand up in front of her and said, “Thy reflected orbs offend my nature. Perhaps they should vanish, to save mankind from the judgment of a peon.”
With a snap of her fingers, the man’s eyes disappeared, leaving nothing but a black shadow in their place

 Author Biography:

 Obsessive, compulsive, slightly crazed, but enough about her personality. First and foremost, Lisa Bilbrey is a mom to three and a wife to one. She loves to write, and spends the majority of everyday writing. It's who she is, and what she's meant to be doing. Words are her life, the air she breathes, and the nutrients of her soul. Finding a love in the written word, Lisa Bilbrey started writing as a way to express herself and let her voice be heard. From the first word she wrote, she'd found her heart and soul.

Always willing to learn, she's spends much of her time trying to improve as a storyteller.




Twenty-eight year old writer, Vanessa Fortney, has travelled the world, living life to the fullest. When she comes home due to the unexpected death of her only blood relatives, she only has one regret; never finding a love that triumphs all others.

In a beautiful valley in the Rocky Mountains, Nessa finds herself wondering about a mysterious stranger who saved her after a nearly disastrous car accident. The mystery that surrounds Daniel is quickly replaced by the increasing attraction Nessa feels for him.

Will she find that love that transcends all love or will an unforeseen tragedy keep them apart?


“I lost both my parents as a child.”

“How did they die?” Daniel asked softly.

“Car accident, same as my great-aunt and uncle.”

Daniel's sharp intake of air was followed quickly by his next comment. “And you almost died in that car accident a few weeks ago. It seems fate is cruel.”

Nessa realized he was right. Not so much about her dying, but the fact that fate seemed to repeat itself. “I didn't almost die. The doctor said I was lucky.”

“You were lucky because I was there. If I hadn't been,” he argued, “who knows how long you would've been exposed. You could've died without me connecting with you.”

“You are my savior, Daniel,” she whispered. “My beautiful angelic savior.”

“You're too sweet with your words, ma belle.”

“It's true, Daniel. I don't know what it is about you, but I feel such a connection to you,” she admitted as she traced her finger across the back of his hand. “You're always so cold.”

Daniel guffawed. “Cold hands, warm heart.” He cupped her face, pulling her in close. “In this case, my heart flames for you.”

Nessa's body relaxed into his and he pulled her, comforter and all, onto his lap. He cradled her close to him, savoring their connection as much as she did.

About Author

Traci Hayden is a proud mother of four beautiful girls and one adorable granddaughter. She has always had a passion for reading, but recently the obsession for writing has taken over. 

As a Nova Scotian native now living in British Columbia, Traci has traveled across Canada, fueling her imagination from coast to coast. 

Along with two dogs and one cat, Traci's home is shared with her partner of 16 years. He is her rock and constant support. 

Traci loves all genres of writing, but currently is exploring the world of romance. 




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