Title: Wicked Gods Unleashed
Release date: June 12th 2016
Sinfully Sexy. . .
Deliciously Divine. . .
Wonderfully Wicked. . .
Five tales of mythological deities that will have you desperately in lust and ready for more! Action, adventure, and toe-curling romance fills the pages of this anthology and will rock your world like no other!
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Hades’ Halo
by Julia Mills
Hell hath no fury…. And then Hope arrived.
Alastor: The God’s Eternal Love
Garden Of The Gods
By P.T. Macias
An unexpected vortex radically shakes the jaded God’s structured business plans on the Earth realm. The fierce, cheeky, and fearless dragonette tests the tight rein on his emotions.
The young Dragonette furiously defies the King’s dictate to marry. She escapes Dracosmic to hide in the Earth realm.
The Penumbra of the Gods: The Pandora Sanction
By P.Mattern
When you're  a disgraced  God looking for LOVE ...Earth is a great place to be stranded!
It has been centuries since the ancient Gods and Goddesses were active in human lives. The curse preventing them from using their powers in the earthly realm was buried in an ornate brass box on earth and hidden from them by an mysterious and conditional  spell.. …That is until bored junior accountant  Trude Earhart and her three closest friends discover it on one of their weekend  hiking trips…along with two mysterious, muscle bound and alluring males that they mistake for Live Action Role players with bodies to die for and a vicious looking pet that seems to want to eat them.      All hell is about to break lose! But having a front row seat to the hell storm may deliver all the passion, thrills and danger that Trude has been yearning for!
The War Within: Curse of the Gods
By Danielle James
The God of War has a curse to overcome. Will Emma be the key to setting him free or will she be his undoing?
Ares had been cursed to spend eternity on Mount Olympus, away from Earth and away from humans. The God of War did not give acquiescence easily, though and escaped only to find himself on an Earth like he had never known. Humans no longer believed in the Gods of Olympus, much less feared them. As time goes by, Ares finds that his powers, along with his immortality, are growing weaker by the day. Can one human woman help him to break his curse and overcome the war within himself?

The Gods of Rock n Roll
By R.L. Merrill
A Medium, a Muse and a God of Rock ‘n’ Roll walk into a bar… Will this god give up everything for a muse, or will a presence from his past take everything from him?



This Mature Young Adult Novel is a continuation of the contemporary romance Harper's Rock Novel series about brothers from a small Wyoming town. The oldest brother, Ben, gets his turn in this emotional story of a young gay man and his battles with acceptance in small town Wyoming in the late 1990's and the depression that threatens to cripple him. 

Author: JJ Ellis
Genre: Mature Young Adult
Cover Artist: JJ Ellis
Publisher: GimmeLots Publications

One young man
One desperate decision

Being a teenager is hard enough, but when you struggle with your sexuality and falling in love for the first time, life can almost be too much to bear. Add in a diagnosis of depression and anxiety and sometimes life feels like it is caving in on top of you.

Ben Harper is determined to make it all work with the help of his best friend and new love, JC Croft. But when life conspires against him, can he come out on top or will the pressure crush him?
(Previous JJ Ellis books are free Mar. 4 &5...check out links below)

He knew it was coming the minute he opened his bedroom door. But as hard as he tried to turn around and run out to the barnyard to join his brothers, his feet just wouldn’t cooperate. As if he had no control over them, he walked to his bed and laid down.

That suffocating, drowning, gut wrenching feeling swept over him for the first time in a week. And he welcomed it with every particle of his being. As uncomfortable as it was, the sense of normalcy brought a smile to his face – until a new feeling hit him. Anger. Steady unwavering anger settled into his chest. It was anger at himself for being so loathsome, at JC for hurting him and at Abby for leaving him. It was a rage he wanted to scream to the world but couldn’t. (Previous JJ Ellis books are free Mar. 4 &5...check out links below)

(Previous JJ Ellis books are free Mar. 4 &5...check out links below)